Roto-nasal mask for non-invasive CPAP therapy size M

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Rotonos mask for non-invasive CPAP therapy

Rotonos mask for non-invasive lung ventilation, SPAP (SIPAP) therapy


Breathing mask for SPAP -devices is used in the treatment of nocturnal respiratory arrest – sleep apnea of obstructive, central or mixed types, as well as other respiratory disorders. Connected to CPAP (BiPAP) devices, it provides access of the air mixture to the human respiratory tract. Receiving oxygen through a mask, the patient breathes throughout sleep and gets rid of the symptoms of the disease.

During CPAP-therapy, the mask is in contact with the patient’s face, so its choice depends on the comfort of the person during sleep and the effectiveness of eliminating episodes of apnea.

The mask adapts to the structure of the face for optimal comfort during use.

Advantages of the mask:

– Suitable for use in non-invasive ventilators, CPAP, BiPAP devices.

– Easy and incredibly convenient.

– Does not cause irritation.

– Universal tube of 22 mm.

– Tube connector that rotates 360 degrees.

– Corrugated structure, directed inwards to prevent leaks.

– Interchangeable connector.

Materials: polycarbonate, silicone

Oxygen supply port: present

Exhalation opening: unventilated / ventilated

Size: 22 mm OD, according to ISO 5356-1

Operating temperature: -18OC ~ 40OC

Relative humidity during storage:< 95%

Storage temperature: -20OC ~ 60OC

M – size 10 cm

L – size 11.5