Oxygen concentrator OX-10a (OKS-10A) on two streams

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Today, many people suffer from heart disease, lung disease and other respiratory diseases. Many of these people can take advantage of supplemental oxygen therapy. Your body requires a constant supply of oxygen to function properly. Your doctor has prescribed you extra oxygen because you are not getting enough oxygen from the room air alone. Extra oxygen increases the amount of oxygen your body receives.


Oxygen concentrator OX-10A (OKS-10A) works from an electric current.

The indicators on the front panel are defined as follows:

• Green indicator of normal oxygen level – permissible oxygen level. (LED will display “Normal oxygen level”)

• Yellow low oxygen indicator – below the allowable oxygen level. (LED will show “Low oxygen level”)

If the purity of the oxygen falls below the permissible level, the green indicator of the normal oxygen level will go out and the yellow indicator of the low oxygen level will light up. Switch to the backup oxygen system.

As an additional safety feature, if the purity of oxygen continues to fall, an intermittent beep will sound. Contact your OXTM supplier immediately. Do not attempt to perform any other maintenance.