Oxygen concentrator JAY-10

грн. 35,000.00

  • USD: 1,295.95$

The oxygen concentrator is intended for carrying out oxygen therapy in the conditions of various medical institutions and individual use in house conditions.


  • Adjusting oxygen productivity from 0 to 10 l / min;
  • Oxygen concentration regulator with indicator;
  • Function of adjustment of duration of work;
  • LCD display displaying operating pressure, operating temperature, hub operating time, set operating time, etc .;
  • Sensors of power failure, temperature or pressure difference.
  • allows to receive oxygen of high concentration of 90 – 96%;
  • used as the main and as a reserve source of oxygen;
  • the device works on the principle of adsorption, ie filtration of ambient air by physical means.


Model JAY-10
Oxygen productivity 0 – 10 l / min
Oxygen concentration not less than 93% (± 3%)
Input power 550/600/850 W.
High-voltage ≤ 1250W
Sensor signals
  • power failure,
  • low / high pressure
Noise level ≤ 50 db
LCD display
  • start time;
  • working pressure;
  • work time.
Large PK display optional
Electrical safety class Class II Type B
Low oxygen signal (Optional) when the oxygen concentration is less than 85%, the red signal light will illuminate