High-pressure oxygen concentrator for 10-liter anesthesia machines

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  • USD: 3,390.94$

1. Safe and economical oxygen concentrator JAY-10-4 10 l / min emits oxygen
from indoor air by adsorption at variable pressure.
This model can work in any room and space where there is air and electricity.


Oxygen productivity of this model can be set in the range from 0 l / min to 20 l / min.
The oxygen concentration is 90% or more. The large LCD display of the oxygen generator shows the operating pressure, operating temperature, operating time of the hub, set time, etc. Thanks to the time setting function, the oxygen generator will automatically stop working at a predetermined time. The oxygen concentration indicator guarantees a stable supply of oxygen of the required concentration. All Longfian equipment is equipped with special sensors that give signals in the event of a power failure, temperature difference or pressure. Thanks to these devices, our oxygen concentrators are safe and easy to operate. This model of oxygen concentrator is made in 2 variants: the device of usual pressure (0.04-0.07MPa) and the device of the increased pressure (0.14-0.4MPa).

– Longfian JAY-20 Low Pressure – Oxygen pressure at the outlet (0.04-0.07MPa)
– Longfian JAY-20 High Pressure – Oxygen outlet pressure (0.14-0.4MPa)

Oxygen pressure at the outlet (0.04-0.07MPa)

Oxygen concentrator JAY-10 of usual pressure (0.04-0.07MPa)


1. Filling of oxygen cylinders
2. Use in industries such as welding, glass cutting, etc.
4. Use in fish farming
5. Use in veterinary practice



Longfian JAY-20 Oxygen Concentrator

oxygen productivity

0-20l / min

oxygen concentration

93% (± 3%)

Outlet pressure


Input power



Alternating current 230V, 50Hz
Optional: AC
220V / 110V (± 10%), 50 / 60Hz (± 1Hz)
sensor signals

Power failure;
low / high pressure; temperature (optional);
low oxygen concentration (optional),
reminder of 3000 hours of operation of the device (optional)
Noise level


LCD display

Total operating time of the device;
Currently the device is working
Large LCD display (optional)

Working pressure (accuracy: 0.001 MPa);
Total operating time of the device (range: 0-10000 hours);
Real working time (accuracy: 1 minute);
Set time (accuracy: 1 minute)
Optional: temperature (accuracy: 0.1);
Reminders about working hours

Electrical safety class

Class II Type B

Product category

Class II a

Net weight



700 × 390 × 530mm

Low oxygen signal (Optional)

When the oxygen concentration is less than 85%
the red signal light will come on.